“People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint” – Steve Jobs.

As part of our Capstone module for the MLIS, we have to do a short 5-10 minute long presentation about our work on the project so far next Friday (April 15th 2016). Luckily for us, we have kept a very detailed work log throughout the project (thanks Hanna!) and, because of this blog, we have a heap of information that could make up a presentation!

Using Prezi (an online tool for building beautiful presentations) we came together on April 8th to put the whole thing together. Each of us had written our own separate parts of the presentation so we would each be involved in the process. I (Ali) was in charge of the introduction and brief look at our planning processes, Dermot took on the inventory again, Megan tackled the behemoth that is our literature review while Sam looked out our methods. Hanna had the task of discussing our challenges and will be doing the next blog post on said issues.

Here follows the gorgeous presentation that I wasn’t able to embed… so it’s a slideshow of photos instead!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look, we even mention the blog! Fingers crossed for next week.


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