An excellent host

web hosting

A major step in building this IR was figuring out how we were going to host it online. ICS gave us a budget of about €120/year for hosting and domain name registration and left it up to us to choose a company and package that would work. We tried not to let our utter lack of experience in this area daunt us…

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A Window into our DSpace trials and tribulations

Installing DSpace on a Windows OS turned out to be trickier than we’d been led to believe. Well, maybe not trickier. More frustrating. Irritating. Vexing. Every possible synonym for annoying that can be found in a thesaurus. I found that the manual that is part of the DSpace download doesn’t particularly cater to Windows. Oh sure, Windows is mentioned but too many of the instructions are targeted at UNIX based systems. It took six days of Googling, watching YouTube videos, reading and all important Dance Academy breaks before all the necessary software was successfully installed on my laptop.

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Repositories On The Record

So we’ve finally reached the end of our 2-prong Delphi study and boy was it a long process. We conducted 8 interviews, the results of which would inform a follow-up questionnaire. The subsequent results of this questionnaire would then establish a consensus on what is best practice for building your very own Institutional Repository (we now just call them IRs because we feel we know them well enough!).

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