A Window into our DSpace trials and tribulations

Installing DSpace on a Windows OS turned out to be trickier than we’d been led to believe. Well, maybe not trickier. More frustrating. Irritating. Vexing. Every possible synonym for annoying that can be found in a thesaurus. I found that the manual that is part of the DSpace download doesn’t particularly cater to Windows. Oh sure, Windows is mentioned but too many of the instructions are targeted at UNIX based systems. It took six days of Googling, watching YouTube videos, reading and all important Dance Academy breaks before all the necessary software was successfully installed on my laptop.

Or at least I hope it’s installed as I’m currently not able to view any of the DSpace webpages even though everything is reporting as running correctly. This could be due to any number of things, though two in particular come to mind: I’m running Windows 10 and DSpace hasn’t currently been tested on anything past Windows 7; and DSpace doesn’t like the backslashes that are the norm in Windows files names.

A further two days of clicking and Googling and cursing angrily at the terminal has done nothing to get the pages to display. Thankfully during those two days we were finally given access to the school computer that we would be building our actual repository on. In only a single day of downloading, Googling and questioning where everything was being saved (the school computer is running Windows XP) the necessary software was once again downloaded and installed. All that was left was to start up Tomcat, cross my fingers and pray the webpage loads. And…


It worked! And on the first try too. The relief was palpable and I may have done a small victory dance that, luckily for me, no one else was there to witness. The next step is figuring out the bulk import of our (finally) completed inventory and then we can start worrying about making it pretty.


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