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A major step in building this IR was figuring out how we were going to host it online. ICS gave us a budget of about €120/year for hosting and domain name registration and left it up to us to choose a company and package that would work. We tried not to let our utter lack of experience in this area daunt us…

Dermot had previous experience with a company called Register365, which used to be an Irish company but is now based in the U.K. We took a look at their shared server hosting packages and found one that ticked all our boxes. We sent a proposal to the ICS head of school and got the go-ahead, and that same day we put the first call in to the company. Everything seemed to be going smoothly — the salesman we spoke with said he’d fill out a form we needed from them and send it back to ASAP.

Then a day went by with no word. We called again after the weekend, but the person to whom we’d spoken was out on holiday. I sent the form to another salesman. A day later, no word from him. We called again, and got someone new again. We tried again. Each time we called, we were routed through several departments and no one seemed to have answers for us. Round and round we went, for a week and a half, until we’d sent the form to five different people and gotten nowhere. We decided we’d all had enough, and went back to the drawing board.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 23.36.02
Digiweb turned out to be a great choice for hosting our IR.

The second time around, we chose an Irish company, Digiweb. From the outset, dealing with Digiweb was a breeze. We dealt with one person who seemed to know exactly what we needed and was willing to make it happen himself. It also helped that the company was already a registered supplier for UCS. Not 48 hours after initial contact with Digiweb, our hosting package was live and our domain name was registered.

The whole process was a learning experience for us. As frustrating as it was, ultimately the project is the better for it. We are now only days away from launching the ICS Archive. Check this blog for updates!

Note: Register365 did eventually return the form to us, a day or two after we’d decided to switch gears and go with Digiweb instead. It was too late, however; we had already been bowled over by Digiweb’s excellent customer service. 


One thought on “An excellent host

  1. Hanna's mum July 22, 2016 / 11:17 pm

    Congrats to all of you for the immense amount of work you’ve done. I’m thoroughly impressed. I love your logo and each one of the blog entries.

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