Cursing the cursor

While I initially thought there could be nothing worse than having to set up DSpace with no software knowledge to speak of, I was wrong. Figuring out how to get our fully functioning repository hosted on our new domain was definitely far worse. Where persistent Googling had saved me before, this time there were no helpful tutorials or guidelines. No one seemed to have faced this issue before – which can’t possibly be true given the immense number of both people and websites that exist. We reached out to our hosting company, Digiweb, and our Delphi participants but unfortunately even our combined knowledge base wasn’t enough. With only four weeks left to complete everything I was beginning to worry that my lack of technical knowledge was letting us down and that the repository would never actually be open to the public.

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A Window into our DSpace trials and tribulations

Installing DSpace on a Windows OS turned out to be trickier than we’d been led to believe. Well, maybe not trickier. More frustrating. Irritating. Vexing. Every possible synonym for annoying that can be found in a thesaurus. I found that the manual that is part of the DSpace download doesn’t particularly cater to Windows. Oh sure, Windows is mentioned but too many of the instructions are targeted at UNIX based systems. It took six days of Googling, watching YouTube videos, reading and all important Dance Academy breaks before all the necessary software was successfully installed on my laptop.

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